What Does Double Glazing Cost? Supply & Fit UPVC Windows

Buying Versatile Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt & Turn Windows (tilt & slide)

The unique feature for this design is the way they open by tilting the glazed sections inwards from a specialised hinge on the bottom of the frame in order to allow excellent ventilation. The same glazed section can also open like a regular side hinged window, however, it opens inwards.

tilt & turn windows

The opening arc for the tilting function is controlled by built in movement limiters which prevent them opening beyond a safe angle. In terms of using them as a ‘regular window’ the glazed sections open inwards up to 90 degrees, which makes them very easy to clean from the inside of the room.

The wide opening arc of the side hinged glazed window makes them very suitable to use in a room which needs a method of exit in the event of an emergency.

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tilt turn

When not used as a window, they are most often seen as a patio door and a recent design option is to have a tilt & slide function where the glazed panel opens by sliding to the right or left instead of in or out.

As an added safety feature, you cannot open the windows whilst it is tilted.

Security comes from cylinder locks, anti-lifting devices for sliding panels, toughened or tempered glass for vulnerable areas. (Building regulations cover safety glass reaching floor level)

Options for Colours & Surface finishes

The advantage of uPVC is that it can be manufactured to be very energy efficient and in a wide range of colours to choose from. Check the BFRC window energy rating for your design carefully before purchasing replacement windows.


  • 2 way opening functions
  • Double or Triple Glazed Units
  • Toughed or laminated glass
  • Improved security locking
  • Tilt limiters for safety
  • Use as doors or windows
  • 90 degree open inwards for easy clean
  • Colour options in UPVC