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Double Glazed Sash Windows

Modern Double Glazed Sash Windows

The most recognisable aspect of this design is the way they open by sliding the windows vertically in order to open or close the. Traditionally the weight of the moving glazed sections was counter balanced by cast iron weights on ropes which were built into the surrounding frames.

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Double Glazed Sash Windows

Many older wooden versions of this design gave problems with the moving sections either sticking in the tracks or becoming loose and allowing penetration by both water & wind, making them a nightmare during the winter. Happily, modern versions for replacement windows have resolved all the issues by means of spring loaded tensioners instead of weights and smooth operation of the guide track in the frames.

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double tilt sashBecause manufacturing processes are to a high standard and with the impact of UK building regulations, you can now be confident in the thermal performance of new windows as they are built to keep in the heat & keep out the weather at a reasonable cost for double glazed windows.

Latest innovations in design allow the moving glazed panels to detach from the guide tracks via special hinges and this feature adds a tilting & turning function so that the windows can be easily cleaned from the inside of the room & in some instances can be very useful as a means of escape in the event of an emergency.

Options for Colours & Surface finishes

UPVC Sash Windows can be made in a choice of colours and feature wood-grain surfaces which gives them a very authentic look which is becoming accepted for use in places where local planning authorities would not have considered them before.

As you would expect, security is much improved with locks that are built to keep intruders out and, should you want to upgrade to toughened or laminated glass you can easily do so.