What Does Double Glazing Cost? Supply & Fit UPVC Windows

Cost of Double Glazed Windows 2023

Cost of Double Glazed Windows 2023

So, how much do double glazed windows cost in 2023?

Well, let’s start off by looking at the buying / selling process to see what we can do in advance in order to give ourselves the best chance of getting a good deal on cost.

Company Sales Representatives

UPVC Windows CostIt’s likely that we can put Double Glazed Windows sales representatives into 2 simple categories

  1. Professional sales “closers”
  2. A person who comes to “measure up” and give you a quote

It’s obvious that both will want you to buy their product, but the “professional sales closer” is reputed to be more likely to take the time to link the features of the product to what he or she has found out about what you want or need. In that way a pro-closer can use emotion or logic (usually emotion) to persuade you to buy their product.

A person who comes just to measure-up & give you a price may appear to be the best person to deal with, but experience tells us that both will have the option to offer a better price if they truly want your business.

Whoever turns up, it’s not a good idea to sign any contract or give deposits based on what you see or hear on their 1st visit.

Get several prices from different sources, this will give you a broader picture of what the “average cost of double glazed windows” is for your installation, and can often work for you in negotiating a lower price.

If you show a company, that you feel you can do business with, a rival quote with a lower price for the same product, it can tempt them to try & match it to secure your order.

Product Specifications – the basics that you should expect, or need.

The next thing is to take a moment or two to consider what you really need to buy in terms of your new windows, because there are some things priced separately that can quietly push up the cost.

  • Single, double or triple glazing – single glazed is no good for external doors and triple glazing may sound great, but not be a value for money option for you.
  • Safety Glass – double glazed units can have tempered or laminated glass, at a cost.
  • Energy efficient glazing – apart from special coatings, such as “low-e” glass, you can have the centre of the glazed unit filled with an inert gas such as Argon – again at an extra cost.
  • Insulation gap for sealed glazed units – the gap between the 2 glass panes in a double glazed sealed unit can be varied, from 5mm up to around 21mm. Expect to pay extra for the wider gap.
  • Coloured or wood-grain finishes – Some colour or wood-grain finishes can add from 10% to 25% to the cost.
  • Opening sections – some installers make an extra charge for a window section to open.
  • Furniture – specialised handles & locks can be an “added extra” cost
  • Energy Efficiency – A++ are the highest rated, but may come with a “price-tag”
  • Local or National Installers – you may be more comfortable dealing with a “big-name”, but there are loads of reputable local companies with great products and low prices – check a few out.
  • Timing – if it’s a busy time of year for installers and their order books are full, you may find they don’t offer discounts at the time of your order – can you wait a bit longer to have your windows fitted?
  • Can you get a deal on triple glazing for the price of double glazing?

Construction Material

Timber Double Glazed Windows & DoorsWhat material do you want your windows to be made from?

The typical choices would be Wood, UPVC or Aluminium. As a rough guide, UPVC windows can be found in the market at up to 30% cheaper than wood or aluminium windows.

Design Options

Different double glazed window designs will have different price scales, the more “complex” the design the higher the price is likely to become.

white french windowPopular Styles

  • Casement Windows – a typical side opening window, many low cost examples
  • Sash Windows – vertical opening sliding sashes, timber sash windows can be pricey.
  • French Windows – more popular as a door set. Matched pair of windows hinged at the sides open from the centre.
  • Tilt & Turn Windows – available in casement or sash style (even tilt & turn doors)
  • Bay Windows / Bow Windows – usually constructed as a curved set of casements, built to order.
  • Porchesnot quite a window, but a useful addition to your home

All of these designs can be found in either wood or uPVC.

How much do uPVC casement windows cost?

One Opener Casement: 600mm x 900mm White uPVC from £200
1200mm x 1200mm White uPVC from £300
940mm x 1600mm White uPVC from £450
 3 bedroom semi, up to 10 units White uPVC from £4,500 +

For more information on double glazing cost, go to our price guide page

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