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Cost of Double Glazed Windows

Cost of Double Glazed Windows

Low emissivity double glazed window units

With energy costs being so high and what seems like the whole of the world pushing to reduce ‘carbon footprints’ it’s not surprising that eventually all the fuss would eventually get around to helping to improve humble household replacement double glazed windows.

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Clearly, double glazing is famed for cutting down heat loss & reducing noise penetration from the outside, but 2 of the more recent introductions to double glazed window units have further improved their performance in terms of energy efficiency and noise reduction.

Cost of Double Glazed WindowsNowadays, the double glazed glass units themselves can be filled with a gas, such as Argon, to further reduce heat, cold & condensation transfer across the window and in combination with the introduction of low emissivity (low-e) glass, WER’s (window energy rating’s) can be found as high as A++ (A was the best when the BFRC first introduced energy ratings).

If you also add triple glazing & what are known as ‘warm edge spacers’ to the mix (the ‘meat’ in the 2 glass pane sandwich), then you have probably got the most energy efficient window that is currently available.

However, for some folks it may be about getting the most energy efficient window in the market, but for others it could be about value for money – for example triple glazed gas filled windows with 20mm sealed units could be pricey and does the cost adding the third layer of glass, the gas & what-not get balanced out by any extra savings on your heating bill?

Actually, the jury is still out on this question, so it’s really going to be a matter of personal choice.

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