What Does Double Glazing Cost? Supply & Fit UPVC Windows

Fitting Modern UPVC Sash Windows

Fitting Modern UPVC Sash Windows

The Benefits of Fitting Modern UPVC Sash Windows

Whether your home is already on the market or you are thinking about selling, take some time to consider whether your property will be appealing to prospective buyers. It’s always a stressful time to sell a property, but you can improve your chances by taking a step back and paying attention to some prominent features.

Many homes in the UK, especially older properties, may have sash windows, recognisable by their vertical sliding open & close design, where on glazed panel will slide up or down over the other in order to be opened. They offer a particular look to a property and very often are responsible for maintaining the character of the building – changing the style would surely create a significant visual incongruity.

Fitting Modern UPVC Sash WindowsIf your sash windows have been there for a many years, then it is likely that they are past their “sell by date” and in need of replacement.

Properties built in the 18Th & 19th century are famed for classic proportions and are practically synonymous with sash windows, so it is vital that good quality units are used to maintain the character and to have any chance of adding to the resale value.

Many owners have made the error of using casement windows as a low cost alternative, but at the end of the day it just doesn’t work.

If you feel that the cost of fully replacing all the windows is too high, then there are many companies in the market that will fully refurbish your existing installation.

Typical Problems with older Sash Windows

Over the years, wooden examples will have suffered a lot of wear & tear, with the frames themselves probably over-painted many times – this “over painting” can itself be the cause of making the windows difficult, or in some cases impossible, to open.

  • The weight of the window needs to be counter balances for movement and is usually done by means of ropes & weights built into the frames – these give loads of problems, such as rope failure or jamming.
  • Single Glazing – possibly the worst offender for allowing condensation, cold penetration and general heat loss. In this day & age with the cost of energy being so high it is madness to have single glazed windows in your home.
  • Paint & Wood rot – older box sash windows made of timber will deteriorate and if they were not properly looked after, then the surrounding timber frames rot and before too long the whole unit will be functionally useless.

Locks on older windows were very flimsy, relying on a single rotating catch in the centre of the unit as the sole locking method – easily overcome from the outside.

Modern UPVC Sash Benefits

Very low maintenance – simple to look after and the most you are likely to need is a bucket of soapy water & a cloth. They never need painting.

Movement – modern units can use spring loaded tensioners, but the traditional “rope & weight” counter balance system is still also used to great effect, but with made from synthetic material that have very long lifespans.

Double & Triple glazing offer outstanding benefits – sound proofing, heat retention, eliminates condensation, improves security. All modern units will feature at least double glazed panels and are available with “A” energy efficiency BFRC ratings. Security is also upgraded with quality locks that engage at multiple points around the window. There are also options for tilting sash windows, this allows the moving panels to be rotated for ease of cleaning.

Colours – UPVC Sash Windows can come in around a dozen different colours, including colour options such light oak or mahogany and are even produced with “grained” surfaces to give the look, feel & appearance of traditional timber (without the drawbacks).