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How Much do PVC French Windows & Doors Cost?

How Much do PVC French Windows & Doors Cost?

PVC French windows & doors price guide

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PVC French windows and doors provide homeowners with a stylish installation built on traditional 17th century charm. Originating in France, these windows and doors remain popular because of their amazing versatility.

While the use of PVC for windows and doors started as far back as the late 1970s through the German market, this versatile material is now the most common choice in the manufacture of French windows and doors worldwide.

This page provides an insight into the benefits of this popular installation and answers the important question so many homeowners ask;

“how much do PVC French windows cost?”

Features of PVC French Windows & Doors

  • uPVC French windows and doors have an aesthetically-pleasing style.
  • Homeowners can choose from a wide range of elaborate designs.
  • PVC combines with A-rated glazing to produce a tough, durable product.
  • French windows and doors create the illusion of extra space.
  • Used as dividers, PVC French windows and doors increase personal privacy.
  • Because doors can open out, they don’t interfere with your living area.
  • During the winter, energy-efficient glazing keeps the warmth in.
  • Enhanced security features make French windows and doors virtually impenetrable.
  • PVC has exceptional fire-resistant properties and is ultra-safe.

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Types of external PVC French Windows and Doors

It may come as no surprise to learn that PVC French windows and doors can vary greatly in terms of style and design. The type of product you ultimately choose will influence how much your installation costs.

Homeowners also have the option to buy products made from timber or aluminium, but neither of these materials have the same combination of strength, durability, adaptability and competitive pricing structure of modern PVC, particularly for external use.

With external PVC French windows and doors, homeowners also have the option of a versatile sliding-French door style installation, which provides a distinctive alternative to traditional, somewhat plain full glass sliding patio doors, with the added benefits of unrestricted access, superior light optimisation and improved airflow.

They also create the perfect opening from the home into the garden so, when they open onto a patio, they increase the internal and external living space.

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Whilst many property owners opt for the cleaner design of white PVC, most suppliers offer a range of colours from solid or twin colour to varieties available in light oak or other realistic wood-grain finishes.

Decorative Georgian, Square Lead and Diamond Lead designs add their own unique style to a choice of double or triple glazing.

How much do PVC French Windows & Doors Cost?

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Ultimately, prospective buyers will always want to know how much it will cost to get the whole job done.

The reality is that the price varies mostly based on the number of door or window panels you need to fill the aperture and the overall size of the installation itself.

A supply only French PVC casement window sized around can cost as little as £250.00 but rates vary based on the quality of the product, the individual prices charged by the supplier and the sizes of the windows and doors needed.

Other considerations which influence how much PVC French windows cost include:

  • Quantity and quality of glazed insert sections
  • Overall quality of the surrounding PVC framework
  • Inclusion of non-standard thresholds on certain installations
  • Addition of furnishings, locks, handles, weather strips and letterboxes
  • Selection of unusual colours or designs, such as wood-grain effects
  • Selection of double or triple glazing with higher energy ratings
  • Addition of side and top panels to a basic installation
As an example, fully fitted white PVC French casement windows cost around £400 for a basic design of 1.1m to 1.2m in size.
 Door size in millimeters Basic Specification Average Fitted Price Guide
 2 doors 900 x 2100 white, upvc double glazed £800 to £900
 2 doors 1000 x 2100 white, upvc double glazed £1,000 to £1,200
 2 doors 1200 x 2100 rosewood, upvc double glazed£1,200 to £1,400
Whereas a white PVC French doors of 2.5m to 2.6m in size, with added side and top panels, cost somewhere in the region of £950.00 Fully fitted.
 Door size in millimeters Basic Specification Average Fitted Price Guide
 2 pane 500 wide x 1000 high white, upvc double glazed – C rated£450 to £500
 1000 wide x 1000 high white, upvc double glazed – C rated£500 to £575
 1200 wide x 2100 high white, upvc double glazed – B rated£550 to £600

These prices are just a rough guide to give you an idea of what is in the market, so don’t be surprised if the cost of your actual project is different to those mentioned.

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