What Does Double Glazing Cost? Supply & Fit UPVC Windows

How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost?

How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost?

What are the different types of replacement windows & how much do they cost?

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Have you been repeatedly spending your hard earned money on getting your old windows repaired? Did you know that you could not only save your cash, but also a lot of hassle by simply replacing them?

Over time, the cost of replacement windows can work out less than the combined amount of repair charges put together. In fact, by replacing your old windows you will get all round peace of mind in terms of cost savings, durability, security, energy efficiency & style.

By doing some hunting around and finding a reputable provider you could get yourself a real bargain deal.

Major signs that mean your windows need replacing

We are not just talking about a broken pane of glass, which can usually be sorted out without too much trouble, but more serious problems that if ignored will just get worse.

Having said that, the window does not need to be damaged or worn out, maybe you want to change from wood to uPVC or Aluminium to get better performance or to change the look of your home.

Here are 3 good reasons to replace your windows:

1Frame Distortion

If the outer frames of your window start to fail in terms of warping, cracking the integrity of the whole window fails. You will get draughts and also damp patches around the inside of the window.

The opening sections of the windows may have also distorted, shrunk or otherwise not sit in the frames properly. Badly fitting casements are an invitation to burglars.

2Window & Frame Seals

The weather proofing seals around the glazed sections can perish, come loose or otherwise fail causing condensation & water ingress.

This can then lead to failure of the sealed double glazed units themselves. Once the beads & seals fail the window loses virtually all its’ sound proofing and heat retention properties.

3Frame Material Damage

For timber windows, this could be wood-rot that has eaten away at the frames. Older cheap uPVC may have discolored and split. With older aluminium windows the surfaces may have corroded.

Hinges also fail and that puts pressure on the frames which distort and the corner joints come apart.

What are the different types of replacement windows

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Technically, any window style can be a replacement window and that means you can take your pick from all the styles in the market.

The most popular types of window are:

Most often we would see homeowners replace their existing window with another of the same style. However, that is not to say that many choose to go for a different design altogether.

One of the things to bear in mind when changing styles is the thickness of the frames. For example, uPVC tilt/turn windows and sash windows can have thicker frames than casement windows.

get free quotes for upvc windowsIf you are going from a thicker frame to a slimmer one, then there will be some extra “tidying-up” to do on the inside window reveals.
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How much do replacement windows cost?

As you would expect, you will see variations in price according to style, material and optional extras.

Labour charges can also fluctuate by a large margin depending even on something like where you live in the UK (London prices are usually higher).

We recommend that you get at least 3 written quotes from different installers and compare prices before you decide.

How much do sash windows cost?

Window Style Basic SpecificationAverage cost
Vertical Sash: 600 x 900 mm White uPVC from £500
Vertical Sash: 1200 x 1200 White uPVC from £600
Full House Sash Window Timberfrom £10,000

How much do bay windows cost?

Window Panels Basic SpecificationWidth & Cost
 4 panels / sections White uPVCup to 3.0m – £1400
 4 panels / sections White uPVCup to 3.6m – £1,600
 5 panels  / sections White uPVCup to 4.0m – £2,000

How much do French windows cost?

Window Style Basic SpecificationAverage cost
Width / 1100 to 1200 mm White uPVC from £400
2 door + side panel 2900 mm White uPVC from £950
2 door + top +side 2500 mmWhite uPVCfrom £950

How much do casement windows cost?

Window Style Basic Specification Average cost
600 x 900 mm White uPVC from £200
1200 x 1200 mm White uPVC from £300
940 x 1600 mm White uPVC from £450
 3 bedroom semi White uPVC from £4,500 +

Replacing old windows improves your home energy performance

How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost?By continuing to use really old wooden, uPVC or aluminium windows that are “past their prime” just increases the likelihood of the window itself costing you more money to fix due to frames warping or paint peeling. Locks also become less secure and weather seals perish –  prime causes for losing heat and making it easy for burglars to get in uninvited.

In this day & age, with so much emphasis on energy conservation and the cost of heating going endlessly upwards, it does not make sense to endure poorly performing & ill-fitting windows in your home anymore.

Get Matching Windows for Your Home

The overall look of your house is not just determined by the colour of your walls or the beauty of your lawn, the windows themselves play a significant part in how your property appears – ill matched windows will definitely reduce the appeal, and highly likely also reduce the re-sale value of your home.

Investigating the benefits and styling options of UPVC Windows is one point to start – you can find multiple styles to fit a very wide range of sizes, finishes (including wood-grain) and the colour combination options are excellent.

Save Energy, Save Money

Modern examples of UPVC Windows are not just there for appearance, their energy efficiency levels are excellent, with many products being rated at “A” or even “A+”

Storm proof weather seals, solar glass with double or triple glazed panels that feature inert gas filled centres offer the highest levels of heat retention, saving loss of energy and conversely can also reduce the amount of solar glare coming into the home which can sometimes make a room uncomfortably hot during the summer.

Enhance the Value of Your Property

Cost of Double Glazed WindowsIf you want the look of your home to be impeccable, not just for aesthetic reasons but also to maintain or improve its market value, then it’s obvious that the windows need to blend well with both interior & exterior styling – why not look into dual colour options where the outside frame can be a different colour to the inside, Dark wood-grain finish outside & white inside for example or even change the styling to take advantage of Sash Window Designs.

Ensure Better Security for Your Property

uPVC windows are long lasting & have low maintenance needs, but that is not all. In terms of home security, they fit tight into the frames, steel reinforced frames stop the windows warping, deforming & cracking so that the fit remains good for many years.

Combine this with multi-point locks, locking internal handles & internal window beads and you have one of the most secure windows in the UK.

Undoubtedly, replacing your old windows with new uPVC designs is a one-time cost from which you can enjoy a variety of long term benefits.