What Does Double Glazing Cost? Supply & Fit UPVC Windows

How Much do uPVC Sash Windows Cost?

How Much do uPVC Sash Windows Cost?

What Are Fully fitted Sash Window Prices?

How much do Sash Windows Cost? – It’s a problematic question, but no doubt one that you could be wrestling with if you are fed up of the old, cold, ugly and badly fitting ones that are already causing trouble in your house. Also, is probably such a generalised question that it would give too wide a range of answers to be of real use, as there are so many variations on the product itself, without taking into account the sizes needed or probable discounts for larger orders.

The quality of the product in the market also varies considerably.

There are certainly some manufacturers that are committed to offering the very best in quality timber or UPVC Sash Windows and whilst this may mean that they are not the cheapest providers around, such suppliers remain the most highly accredited and professionally respected.

In terms of the available products, the biggest influence on price is likely to be your choice of material.

How much do Sash Windows Cost?Hardwood Box Sash Windows tend to cost more than the equivalent made out of UPVC, mainly due to the nature of the timber and the “hand finishing” involved.

You could always opt for Box Sash Windows made from engineered wood, this would combine the “authentic” look and style of a traditional vertical sash with the longer lasting and more energy efficient properties of modern composite timbers.

UPVC designs are very appealing in both appearance and energy efficiency, the latest products offer finishes that create a surface wood grain that mimics timber almost perfectly – this has allowed them to be far more widely accepted by local planning officers to use in homes that would not have even been considered before.

Shopping around for both your windows and a team to install them can help you save money, but make sure that the hard earned money you spend on the products is not wasted by cutting corners at the installation stage by using a sub-standard or disreputable company to do the work.

Look for a contractor that is a member of a trade body which accredits their competence – in most cases, in order to become a member, the contractor will have had to go through some kind of vetting process to prove their skills & track record – such trade bodies are GGF, FENSA & CERTASS.

How Much do uPVC Sash Windows Cost?

Here are some Sash Windows prices to give you a basic idea of what you could expect to pay for a standard window unit. Don’t forget that there are many things that can effect the final cost of flitting windows to your property.


Standard Vertical Sash: 600mm x 900mm White uPVC Starting from around £500
Standard Vertical Sash: 1200mm x 1200mm White uPVC Starting from around £600
Full House Standard Sash Window Timber Starting from around £10,000


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