What Does Double Glazing Cost? Supply & Fit UPVC Windows

How Much do uPVC Casement Windows Cost?

How Much do uPVC Casement Windows Cost?

What are uPVC casement windows & how much do they cost?

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We mention this word quite a lot when talking about double glazing, but what actually is a casement and what does a uPVC casement window look like?

The word casement refers to the section that opens. Thus opening section can be hinged on the sides, a regular window, or hinged at the bottom or top.

How Much do uPVC Casement Windows Cost?Bottom hinged casement windows (that open inwards) are sometimes called ‘hoppers”. Top hinged casements can be referred to as top lights (lites), transom or maybe even clerestory windows.

A single casement window unit can comprise of any combination of the above, but some popular configurations are:

  • 1 fixed pane + 1 top opener.
  • 1 fixed pane + 1 top opener + 1 side opener,
  • 1 left side opener + 1 fixed centre + 1 top opener over the centre fixed pane + 1 right side opener.
  • 2 side by side openers (left & right hinged) + 1 top fixed pane – this is a French window style.

The uPVC casement window version is popular among UK home owners mainly because there is such a wide array of designs to choose from, meaning getting the perfect fit for the majority of homes becomes an easier task.

Not only do they provide a scenic view of the outside, but also serve to allow plenty of ventilation into the house.

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What are the advantages of uPVC Casement Windows?

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Design Choice

As briefly mentioned beforehand, there are so many different ways to configure this style of window. You can have flush casement windows, full frame awning (top hinged) casements or have them opening from the left, right or bottom, which means they can fit anywhere.

Golden Oak

Golden Oak

Simple function

This design is very simple to use, just one handle on the opening section to open or close & lock. As virtually every window opens outwards they don’t interfere with internal blinds, curtains or anything that you keep on the internal window-cill.
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Highly insulated homes can generate a lot of internal condensation which, over the long term, can create damp patches, mold & mildew. Manage condensation by fitting trickle vents to your uPVC windows. Trickle vents allow controlled fresh air circulation to reduce condensation.

Frame Colours

There is no need to be constrained to white windows as there are many colours to choose from. Foiled colour finished & factory bonded to the frames, they do not crack, peel or fade. Gloss surfaces or timber grain finishes available in all colours.
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uPVC casement windows are super easy to look after; the maintenance requirements are minimal. Needing only to be kept clean and the working mechanisms (hinges) lightly oiled as required. Colours don’t fade or peel, so you never have any painting to do, ever!



Energy Saving

Apart from being light & strong, uPVC conducts heat poorly, which makes it a great insulator. In Addition, multi-chambered frame profiles with thermal breaks fitted with sealed double glazed units, can add up to an A++ Window Energy Rating (WER).
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Glass options

As well as standard clear glass you can use a decorative option such as patterned or frosted glass. Your glazing can also be enhanced by rectangular / diamond leaf leading or a colour overlay and bevelled glass designs. All fitted within double glazed sealed units as standard.

Window Furniture

Handles & locks can all be fitted to suit. As you would expect, base specification for the handles will be white. You can also choose from chrome, silver, gold, colour finishes such as black or special handles such as “the monkey tail”. Contemporary or classic designs.
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A Selection of Patterned Glass & Colour Options

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G1 Warwick


G1 Florielle


G1 Cotswold


G1 Contora


G1 charcoal sticks


G1 Chantilly


White Woodgrain

White Grain








Blue Grain

G2 Golden-Oak


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How Much do uPVC Casement Windows Cost?

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It’s not going to be much of a surprise to say that how much any uPVC window costs (such as classic French style)will be heavily influenced by the size of the unit being bought. However, there are quite a few things to bear in mind when it comes to pricing. Certain elements that you may, or may not, include in your window design may incur an extra cost such as:

Awning Kitchen Window

uPVC Awning Kitchen Window

  • Colour – you can expect to see a charge of between 10% to 20% to have the window in a specific colour, especially for wood-grain versions.
  • Window cills – some cills are included in the price, some are not (you also get different cill sizes).
  • Energy Rating – an A++ WER of the window is more likely to cost more than a C grade window.
  • Glass – patterned. leaded or otherwise “special’ glass is sometimes an added cost.
  • Trickle Vents – some charge, some do not.
  • Opening sections – likely to be an extra cost if you want additional openers.
  • Toughened glass – can be charged extra.
  • Special glass – low emissivity glazing may be charged extra
  • Extra high or extra wide single span – bespoke design elements are priced separately.
  • Size of order – it should cost “less per window” if you ae buying several at the same time.

Consult with your supplier to discuss which options you want to include and then get your home surveyed. All the items should then be included in a written quote from the supplier.

How much do upvc casement windows fully fitted cost?

Window Size in MM & openers  Basic specification  Fitted window prices 
One Opening: 600 x 900uPVC, double glazed, white£200 to £250
Single: 1200 x 1200uPVC, double glazed, white£300 to £350
Single 950 x 1500uPVC, double glazed, white£450 to £500
 3 bed semi-detached up to 10/12 unitsuPVC, double glazed, white£4,500 to £5,000

How much do supply only upvc casement windows cost?

Approximate Window Size in MM Description of window Supply only prices
1 panel, 1 open: 600 x 1200uPVC, double glazed, white£115 to £150
 2 panel, 1 open: 1200 x 1200uPVC, double glazed, white£155 to £180
3 panel, 2 open: 1200 x 1200uPVC, double glazed, white£195 to £225
3 pane, 2 open: 1800 x 1200uPVC, double glazed, white£235 to £255

Miscellaneous supply only window prices.

Window Size in MMDescription of window SUPPLY ONLY casement window prices
4 pane, 1 opener: 1800 x 1200 White uPVC (3 top panes open. Centre main pane fixed)£299 to £350
3 pane, no opener: 1800 x 1200White uPVC (awning or side open)£195 to £250
3 pane, 2 opener: 1800 x 1200White uPVC (2 side pane awning, centre pane fixed)£235 to £300
4 pane, 2 opener: 2400 x 1200White uPVC (2 side pane awning, 2 centre pane fixed)£325 to £375

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