What Does Double Glazing Cost? Supply & Fit UPVC Windows

Residential Doors

uPVC Front Doors & Composite Doors

In terms of ‘man-made’ materials options for residential doors, you have 2 main choices (if you ignore Aluminium doors) and that is to say the best and most popular front doors are usually made from either uPVC or a composite of GRP & uPVC

uPVC is basically Vinyl & GRP is glass reinforced plastic (a type of super fibre-glass), both of which are known for durability, long life and flexibility in terms of how they can be made to look.

Replacement Doors Designs & Style Options

UPVC Front Doors

upvc front door

A standard uPVC door will consist of a ‘welded’ main door with steel reinforced frames; the doors usually have 2 infill sections in the centre of the top & bottom half, glazed sections can be used or side & top panels to facilitate use in larger openings.

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Composite Front Doors

composite dooThe door front (outside) can be made from GRP & the inside from uPVC; even 2 different colours can be used (wood-grain outside, white uPVC inside). The whole unit is very energy efficient due to the thermal insulation in the core of the door.

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Double Glazed Patio Doors

patio windowsA set of sliding double or triple glazed patio doors in a single frame and can be seen with at least 2 panels, sometimes 1 fixed in position & 1 movable. You can have more than 2 panels if required. Look to use toughened or laminated glass where ever you can for extra safety.

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Bi-fold patio doors

bifold doorsA very impressive way to open up any property to the outside, panoramic views uninterrupted by frames gives an almost 90% clear opening space (more than any other patio door style. Door panels or ‘leaves’ move easily on tracks & can fold left, right, inside or outside.

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More design options.

if you have a property that has special needs, then you can ask for these to be taken into consideration, such as low threshold options for ease of access – or if you are looking for some extra character or need to match the local ‘style’ then you may want to look at the latest ‘cottage & stable doors‘ designs.

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