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How Much do uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows & Doors Cost?

How Much do uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows & Doors Cost?

What is a Tilt and Turn Window or Door?

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The tilt and turn window and door design moves away from the way ordinary windows or doors function in that, by using a specialised hinge system, a tilt & turn unit can be opened in two ways:

  1. Inward tilting window casement or door panel.
  2. Inward opening window casement or door panel.

(Casement is just a fancy name for the opening & closing section of a window)

tilt and turn windowsThe key feature of this design is the tilt – the specialised hinges allow the window to “lean” inwards from the top (hinged at the bottom), very similar to a hopper style window.

For safety reasons the angle of inward lean is mechanically limited. If you do not want to use the tilt function, then the window or door can be opened as normal.

However, bear in mind the primary opening direction is always inwards for both windows & doors. Not usually a problem as most residential doors open inwards, but with a window this function could, in some cases, interfere with your window blinds or curtains – so take care where you fit your drapes, vertical or horizontal blinds.

This dual method of opening brings an additional level of functionality, as well as offering great appearance matched with ease of use and low maintenance.

These windows and doors are not only appealing in the visual sense but also meet todays’ energy saving demands and add excellent levels of security to a property.

Types of tilt and turn windows & doors available

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sash tilt

Tilting Sash Window

Windows and doors of this particular style come in different configurations and designs.

They can be crafted from timber, aluminium and uPVC, although aluminium is yet to catch on for use in residential properties – a lot of commercial buildings use aluminium.

uPVC is probably the most commonly used material for tilt & turn because of its versatility, modern appearance and ease of cleaning.
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Features of tilt and turn windows and doors

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reversible window

Reversible Window

Windows and doors of this type have both common and unique functions for example:

  • A normal tilt/turn window will have both tilt & turn functions
  • A normal tilt/turn door will have both tilt & turn functions
  • A reversible window will have tilt & rotate functions
  • A tilt/slide door will have tilt, turn and sideways sliding functions

The tilt or rotate function makes it possible to tilt the window for secure ventilation, whilst the wide window opening angle (90 degrees or more) of the inward opening function makes cleaning from the inside of the home much easier (good for upstairs windows).

The other “hidden benefit” of such a wide angle of opening, is that the window offers a more than adequate means of escape in the event of an emergency, such as a fire (differences from casement windows).

Three positions are possible with these doors and windows; the open, the locked and the tilt position. The tilt angle is such that unwarranted entry is still barred allowing you to enjoy good ventilation and security at the same time.

The slide function is used only for wider picture doors. Apart from the ability of the main door panel to “lean” inwards, the door can also be slid to one side. So in effect it becomes an inline sliding patio door, but with the ability to tilt the sliding section inwards (the door does not slide whilst tilted for safety reasons).

High end locks

get free quotes for upvc windowsThese doors and windows come with cutting edge locks to enhance the security of your home. There are different options available to meet diverse security needs; from basic to advanced.

Contemporary designs

uPVC tilt and turn windows and doors come in neat modern designs. These designs can be custom made too suit specific tastes and preferences in order to blend well with the existing house design. For those who prefer a more conventional appeal, timber-effect finishes can be used.

Weather resistance capability

The design is such, that even when tilted open during wet weather, water is directed via channels within the frame design and exits through exterior drain holes.

Once closed, they offer the same high levels of weather resistance, noise reduction and energy efficiency which is the hallmark of uPVC double glazed windows.

To find out the performance rating simply check the WER or DER (Window / Door Energy Rating). This is a colour coded, alphabetically graded label that must be provided by the manufacturer (similar to what you see on things like fridges, TV’s & washing machines).

Trickle vents should also be fitted on the window unit to help combat condensation build up in well insulated homes.

Colour options

UPVC coloursThe design of these doors and windows comes with many different colour options that allow you to blend them in with the rest of the house décor.

UPVC can be manufactured with what is known as a foiled coloured surface (this is permanently bonded under high temperature & pressure onto the frames) and there are dozens of shades from which to choose.

The colour does not fade, crack or peel and remains as good as new for the life of the window unit,

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How much do uPVC tilt and turn windows cost?

Please bear in mind that the prices are just a rough guide, so don’t rely on them to be 100% accurate for your project.

tilt & turn windowsAs you might expect, tilt and turn window prices vary according to size, materials and security features installed. Labour costs are specific to the installer chosen so we have collated supply only prices as a guide.

 approx size in MM (wxh)  Basic Specification Price guide supply only
 1200 x 1200 – single window white upvc, double glazed 10 yrs  guarantee £270 to £350
 1200 x 1200 – double opener white upvc, double glazed 10 yrs  guarantee £310 to £400
 3000 x 1200 – 3 panel, 2 outer opening white upvc, double glazed 10 yrs  guarantee£580 to £650

How much do uPVC tilt & turn doors cost?

Tilt and turn door prices are very difficult to find online and, as with all home improvements of this nature, will vary according to size, materials and security features installed.

Effectively, the design will be similar to a sliding patio door, not a regular front or back door.

tilt & turnThe cost of your door could be a lot different to those shown below, so we recommend getting a few personalised written quotations in order to see what the market price actually is.

 Approx size in MM (wxh) Basic Specification Price guide supply only
 2000 x 2100 – 2 panel white, double glazed toughened glass £750 to £1,100
 3000 x 2100 – 3 panel grey, double glazed toughened glass £1,200 to £1,500
 3500 x 2100 – 3 or 4 panel wood-effect, double glazed, toughened glass£1,600 to £2,000

In summary

Tilt and turn doors and windows are a superb innovation especially for those in high rise buildings. They can easily be reached for cleaning without putting children or pets in unnecessary danger. They also look good when tilted allowing you to enjoy a breeze of fresh air without compromising on appearance. They are definitely a good choice for a contemporary appeal and great security.

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