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What is The Cost of Double Glazing a 3 Bed House in 2023?

What is The Cost of Double Glazing a 3 Bed House in 2023?

2023 Double Glazing Cost for a 3 Bedroom House.

Fitting double glazing seems almost like a national pastime in the UK. But as with most home improvement of this type, there is a wide variation in price across the market.

So what does double glazing cost for a 3-bedroom house in 2023?

For situations where the whole window is being replaced (rather than fitting secondary double glazing), here is our quick guide.

Estimating the Costs of Double Glazing for your home in 2023.

The first thing to do is to establish how many windows you want or need to replace.

Not all 3 bedroom houses have the same number of windows. Not all 3 bedroom houses have the same style of windows. You may have Sash windows or even a bay window (or 2).

On the other hand, you could be talking about a 3-bedroom bungalow or even a 3 bedroom flat.

If we take a fairly standard property fitted with casement windows, then this is likely to be the cheapest to fit with double glazing. If you have Sashes or bays, then the cost will increase markedly.

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Secondly, you should settle on the type of material you want the windows to be made from:

  • UPVC.
  • Aluminium or Aluminium clad.
  • Timber – softwood, hardwood or even engineered wood.

I think it’s fair to say that UPVC replacement windows are commonly accepted as being the lowest cost option (excluding softwood). Aluminium and hardwood windows are significantly costlier.

An average 3-bed semi property will likely have 3 to 4 windows at the front & back. Detached can add maybe 2 on the sides. For the purposes of this article we will assume 8 to 10 Casement or Sash windows being replaced.

Cost of Double GlazingThirdly, decide upon the energy rating for the windows (Window Energy Rating or WER)

The energy efficiency can be graded from “A++” to “G”. An energy rating of “C” would be the lowest recommended for general use (also building regulations).

Key features that impact the WER are:

  • Thickness of the double glazing unit (up to 28mm)
  • What is inside the air gap of the sealed unit (a gas like Argon or dehydrated air)
  • Type of glass – low emissivity coatings.
  • Frame construction (multi chambered)

The correct fitting is also essential to maintain integrity. Even the best rated windows will perform poorly if they are badly fitted.

In this case, finally, personalisation will affect the cost.

For UPVC & Aluminium windows, it can cost more to have coloured options and wood grain textured effect surface finishes.

Use of Leaded glass, frosted glass and patterned glass will all impact pricing structure. As will the number of opening windows – in many cases, window sections that open can attract a small extra charge.

If you want to use a different variation of frame styling, such as the flush design, then there is also going to be an impact on the pricing structure:

So, what is the cost of double glazing a 3-bed house 2023?

UPVC windows prices

Basing the estimate on fully fitted UPVC casement windows (WER B) you could expect to find prices in the region of between £250 to over £400 per window. If you do all the windows at once (8 to 10) then you can expect prices to range from £3,000 to £5,000.

Aluminium windows prices

Aluminium windows are costlier than UPVC. For a 3 bed semi you can expect to find prices in the region of from £5,500 to £6,500 for 9 to 10 units fitted.

Hardwood windows prices

Probably around the same price bracket as Aluminium. 8 to 10 hardwood casement windows would cost from £5,000 to £6,000.

Comparison Table
Number of unitsuPVC framesAluminium framesHardwood Timber frames
up to 4 £1,500 – £2,000£2,300 – £2500£2,000 – £2,500
up to 8 £3,500 – £4,000£4,000 -£4,500£4,000 -£5,000
up to 10 £4,000 – £4,500£5,500 – £6,500£5,500 – £6,000
up to 12 £4,500 – £6,000£6,500 – £8,000£6,000 – £7,000

If you have a bay window that needs replacing, then you can expect 3 section UPVC Bay window prices to be in the region of £1,100 to £1,500 depending on what you actually want.

We recommend that you get at least 3 or 4 written quotes from a selection of installers and then compare prices to find yourself the best value for money option.

If you would like to find out more about the cost of Double Glazing your 3-bedroom house, then simply send us a quote request here:

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